Past Events

Last Year’s Events

February 2019Period Project Collection, Kit Assembly and Distribution

December 2018:

16th Annual Hot Chocolate Run to support Safe Passage, the Hampshire County organization building safety, hope and justice for families who have lived with domestic violence. Members of our Club, along with ZC Quaboag Valley, are participating as our Hot Chocolate Run – Zonta-Zoom Team. but with the hard rain, some of us didn’t go.

November  2018: Annual Poinsettia Fundraiser:

For many years we have been asking business’s and friends to buy Poinsettias that we would give them to usually the week after Thanksgiving. We have to pay the business charges for us, and ALL the rest of the money for we receive from people (including ourselves) for the small, medium and large Red, White or Pink Poinsettias, is put in the “Zonta” part of our club’s money. We use that money by the end of the year:

  1. Awards & scholarships created at Zonta International, and we give money to the woman (of one them) to the one who’s Application is the best (and we hope she gets more money from District 1, and if so, maybe she’ll get even more from Zonta International!
  2. Support several non-business places such as Safe Passage, Girls Inc (Holyoke), and Northampton Survival Center that we pay (or help) of.
  3. Zonta International’s Gift Fund for any person or our Zonta Club of Northampton Area. We could do Funds of:
    * International Service
    * ZISVAW
    * Amelia Earhart Fellowship
    * Jane M. Kausman Women in Business Scholarship
    * Young Women in  Public Affairs Award
    * Amelia Earhart Fellowship Endowment
    * Endowment Fund: Centennial Anniversary Endowment Campaign

October 18, 2018

Documentary Screening, LITTLE STONES, Global Women's Empowerment through Film and ArtLittle Stones Documentary & Award to 2018 YWPA Winner, Iconica Social Club: A number of District 1 Zonta Clubs will host a community screening of the award-winning documentary film Little Stones. It follows Brazilian graffiti artist Panmela Castro, Senegalese rap-singer Sister Fa, Indian dance therapist Sohini Chakraborty, and fashion designer Anna Taylor as they use their art to combat violence against women and to empower women and girls globally.

One of the major missions of Zonta International is Ending Violence against Women and GirlsThe Little Stones documentary is about four women around the world using art to create positive change in their communities. The 20 people at this event watched the video and felt deeply about the personal narratives of four women artists around the world, from a graffiti artist speaking out against domestic violence in the favelas of Brazil to a dancer rehabilitating sex-trafficking survivors in India. It was really something to see about how each of these women contributed a stone to the mosaic of the women’s movement through their art!

To see the full Little Stones, go to Little Stones that we had on this website before this event.

Even More Year Events

October 20-22, 2017District 1 Fall Conference of the biennium

Lynn Goodhue presenting on UN CSW61:  There are so many great ways to learn and sharpen your skills these days: you can read blogs, listen to podcasts, watch how-to videos on YouTube, and attend webinars, just to name a few. Did you know that Zonta District 1 can help with your continuous and never-ending improvement? How? By attending the Zonta District 1 conference! There are tremendous and very real benefits – here are just a handful:

Sharpen the Saw – While the “sharpen the saw” idea certainly pre-dates Stephen Covey, he lists it as his seventh habit of highly effective people. The idea is that sometimes you must see and hear things from a different perspective to sharpen your skills and improve your effectiveness. At this conference, you will hear from several top-notch speakers on a range of compelling topics – you are bound to come away with information you can put to good use immediately.

Networking Opportunities – Social media keeps you connected to fellow Zontians who are both local and “from away.” However, there’s no substitution for meeting someone face to face. This conference has opportunities for attendees to mix and mingle, form new relationships, and strengthen existing ones.

June 2016 to May 2017[will finish later]

May 15, 2016:

Girl of the Year and YWPA Awards Ceremony, Delaney House, Holyoke MA:
We gave awards to Alice Wanamaker, our 2016 Girl of the Year, and Ursula Barth, our recipient of the club’s Young Women in Public Affairs (YWPA) award.

Ursula Barth, a senior at Gateway Regional High School in Huntington, is dedicated to the political process in both school and community. Her leadership roles include being the Chairman of the Model United Nations Club (MUN) and Board member on the Gateway Education Foundation, among many others. She co-founded the Model United Nations club at Gateway because she wanted others to learn about how the UN assists in the promotion of international cooperation among nations to ensure peace. She understands that there is still work to be done to eliminate gender discrimination locally and worldwide. As a feminist, Ms. Barth promotes gender equality in her school and community, and uses opportunities to lead others to help with empowerment of women.

Alice Wanamaker, a 7th grader at White Brook Middle School in Easthampton, was nominated by her mentor Judith Breier who facilitates an after-school program called Free the Children (FTC),which is part of the international organization originating in Toronto, Canada. She wrote “Alice Wanamaker has been an integral part of FTC for the last three years. Alice has always taken a leadership role in the club and has been someone I can rely on”; Ms. Breier listed an impressive list of Ms. Wanamaker’s volunteerism activities related to FTC.

These two amazing young women each talked about how they got involved in their various volunteer activities and what they want to do in the future.

March 9-11, 2016

United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (CSW): Three of us, Audrey Millgate, Donna Sroka and Lynn Goodhue attended sessions on Thursday through Saturday, each of us attending sessions that appealed to us. We were also able to attend the dinner in honor of our International President, Maria Jose Landeira Oestergaard, put on every year by  the Zonta Club of New York City.

We began the program by summarizing Zonta’s role in the CSW Hearings. Audrey and Lynn talked about our experiences at CSW60, and talked about sessions that really spoke to us.

Zonta District 1 with Zonta International President and President Elect at the United Nations CSW HearingsFrom left to right: D1 Lt. Gov. Liz Hart; Z.I. President Maria Jose Landeira Oestergaard; Z.I. President-Elect Sonja Honig Schough; Past D1 Governor and member of Z.I Membership committee Mary Ann Rubis; and Zonta Northampton attendees Lynn Goodhue, Audrey Millgate and Donna Sroka.In our joint January meeting of the Zonta Club of Northampton Area and the Zonta Club of Springfield, we were delighted to have Leslie Wright, the chair of the Zonta International United Nations committee, join us via Skype to tell us more about the work of Zonta with the U.N. and the CSW (Commission on the Status of Women) hearings in March. There were 50 Zontians from around the world who participated in the CSW Hearings, March 13-19, and a number of Zontians who attended the so-called “Parallel Sessions” which provide opportunities for Member States, UN entities and NGOs to discuss themes of the Commission and other critical gender equality issues.

Spring, 2015:

We held 3 showing of films that dealt with the impact of the media and other forces on the self image of girls and women. On April 1, we had another film showing, The Bro Code, which explored the media’s impact on boys and men.

Sunday, March 29, 2015:

Young Women in Public Affairs and Girl of the Year Awards Presentation & Brunch at Delaney House, Holyoke MA.

Esther Daube-Valois of Florence MA was named the recipient of the first Zonta Club of Northampton Area Girl of the Year Award. This award recognizes a local girl who has shown a strong interest in community service and volunteerism. Esther attends the JFK Middle School in Florence and is in Grade 8. She participates in the Volunteer Buddies Program where she works to build up confidence and self-esteem in girls at two local elementary schools. Esther attends the JFK Middle School in Florence and is in Grade 8. She participates in the Volunteer Buddies Program where she works to build up confidence and self-esteem in girls at two local elementary schools.

Grace Engelman of Conway MA was named the recipient of the 2015 Zonta Club of Northampton Area Young Women in Public Affairs (YWPA) Award. She is a senior at The Academy at Charlemont. Grace was selected to receive the Zonta Club’s award because of her demonstrated strong leadership at the Academy of Charlemont and in her local community, as well as her experience internationally and her ability to express her well-reasoned and strongly held opinions on unethical treatment of women. Her goal is to become a leading voice in the condemnation of Female Genital Mutilation in the US and abroad.

Julia Collins, a sophomore at Smith College in Northampton, was also recognized as the YWPA Award runner-up.