This year, our club will be meeting every month (except August) on the 3rd Thursday of the Month at 6 pm, at Pulse Café. Occasionally meetings are other places or at a members house instead. If so, an email to all our members will know where and when to go along with their friends who might want to join our Club.

This Year’s Meetings:

January meeting is Thursday at 5:45 at Ginger Garden, 351 Northampton Rd, Amherst. More info will be here soon!


December 19th at  Pulse Café

Secretary Verna Frasca wrote a long list of our meeting, starting with:

Regular Business Meeting – December 19, 2019

with many things we listen and/or suggested! To read the entire of what Verna wrote, click on:

Zonta Minutes, Dec. 2019

(November meeting not held)

October 17th at Pulse Café

We looked at: what about the future of the Northampton Club. Audrey moved away, Jayma may not renew her membership, and other members do not have active roles. How do we get new members? What activities/events can we sponsor, perhaps with another local organization, to invite potential members? What are the local issues which would be of interest? Have the UN event in NYC be a way to attract potential new members to Zonta.

We also looked at:

  •  “2019-2020  Calendar
  • Northampton Club Meetings: Third Thursday of Month, 6pm at Pulse, Hadley
  • Nov 8 -10, 2019 District Fall Conference
  • March 9-20,2020- 64th Session of CSW – UN NYC
  • July  4-8, 2020 –  Zonta International Conference – Chicago

September 19th Pulse Café, Hadley MA

Our Reports:
Approval of Minutes of July 11th Retreat & Planning Meeting
Treasury Report
Elected Officers 2019 -2020
•   President – Donna Sroka
•   President Elect – Jayma -*need someone in training
•   Secretary – Verna Frasca
•   Treasurer – Audrey Millgate
*We need a new president-elect for next year, since Jayma will not be President for 2020-2021, and Donna has been nominated for District 1 Lt Governor for 2020-2022

District 1 Official Fall Conference, Nov 8-10, Wakefield, Boston
Call to conference sent out, agenda on the web site. Donna, Audrey and Lynn are going, Verna is thinking about it. Club needs to choose a delegate and alternate, by October 9, and the delegate cannot be Donna. (Note: since there is not enough money in the club conference convention fund, club voted to take $150 from operating, and use that to pay for delegate’s registration fee). Our delegate will vote on measures, such as approving financials and district budget, and vote for 2020-2022 district board. We will discuss what will be voted on during the October club meeting, to guide how the delegate will vote.
Fundraisers at the fall conference: 1) Purse auction: each club can contribute purse(s) with “stuff” (local goodies, gift cards, etc.). The money raised will go to ZI foundation in honor of Zonta centennial. Club members: bring purses to October meeting. 2) Marketplace, where each club can sell something, have a raffle, etc. 3) Silent auction, where clubs donate items, and club can decide where proceeds go (club, district, service, or ZI), We decided to have an item for a silent auction.
District 1 is at a crossroads – there are 260 members, and we need at least 300 members for a district. This issue will be discussed at the Fall Conference. What are the future options if we do not have enough members? A) Become a “region” with no voting rights at international conventions or B) merge with another district in the northeastern US.

Committees and Reports:
All members must choose to work on one of the  following committees:
Membership: everyone needs to take part in recruiting new members. Who can you think to invite to upcoming events? What events and speakers can we organize to bring in potential members? Mary Knight suggested Dee DiFatta, and inspirational speaker who has spoken at Quaboag club. For other ideas, Donna suggested we look at the Women’s Fund of Western MA web site, and their annual report at Judy also suggested contacting League of Women Voters.
Scholarships and website: Lynn and Donna. There have been some local publicity and interest generated, more needs to be done. We missed the deadline for 2019 Women in Technology. Remember there is also YWPA and JMK Women in Business scholarships we can promote/sponsor. Lynn has made many updates to the website, including history related to the club, as part of the Centennial project.
Advocacy: Verna and Audrey. We will dot he Period Project tin 2020
Fundraising: Seren and Judy. District calendar sales, poinsettias, silent auction and purse auction at district conference.
2020 District Calendar: Donna submitted photos for the club page. The calendar is being put together, we will get our club page by end of September to review/approve. The competed calendars will be available at the Fall Conference. Each club has committed to sell at least 10 calendars.  How much $ will the calendar sell for? The $ will be used to pay for printing, any profit will go to District.

August no meetings.

July 11th: Summer Picnic: Potluck dinner.

Our Reports:

  • Create club calendar – dates, events, location, deadlines etc.
  • Assess club goals and activities
  • New member recruitment
  • Update membership directory
  • Determine Committee chairs
  • Review accountability for Board Members, Committee Chairs

June 13th: 5:00 – 7:30 pm at Ginger Gardens, Amherst
Submitted by Verna Frasca, Secretary:

Regular Business Meeting – June 13, 2019

Meeting called to order at 5:05 PM at Ginger Garden Amherst, MA by President Donna Sroka.
Members present President Donna Sroka, Treasurer Audrey Millgate, Secretary Verna Frasca, Lynn Goodhue, Jayma Hall.  Mary Knight from the Quaboag Club also attended.
Treasurer Audrey reported: Balance in the checking account of $2005.89 which includes $524 in Operating (after payment of dues) $1412 in Service, and $68.67 in Conference/Convention Fund
What we want to do for our Club:
–Donna and Mary gave an overview of the 2020 District Calendar proposal.  Clubs within district participating in district 1 calendar; Bangor, Concord, Southern Maine, Berkshire, Northampton, Quaboag Valley, Springfield, Amherst, Halifax, Chelsea, Medford, and Malden. Planned distribution of calendars is late October/early November 2019 for the district conference.
Each club can have 1 page or ½ page for their display/content of their choosing (Photos, collages, special events, projects, and/or fund-raisers, etc.).  The Northampton Club approved to have 1 page.  Mary Knight will get more information on formatting, timelines for submissions, distribution, etc.  Mary and Donna will find out: what is each club’s financial investment?  Who will be the Northampton club liaison for this project? How much will the calendar sell for?  Can the club sell “ads”? More information to come this summer.
Women in Technology Scholarships Publicity. Club should post flyers in town.  Our club deadline for applications in July 17, Check club web site for applications. TBD: who will review applications for submission?
What we want to do at other Zonta places:
2019 North American Interdistrict meeting in Dallas: Lynn and Mary attended. Included speakers on child marriage, media training, leadership training, advocacy projects, and Zonta’s Centennial. Lynn will prepare report.
— 2020 International convention in Chicago
— 2021 North American Interdistrict meeting in Cincinnati

Elections of Officers:

  • President Donna Sroka-not changing
  • President Elect – need someone in training (Jayma is serving as Vice President)
  • Secretary – Verna Frasca ELECTED
  • Treasurer – Audrey Millgate (club mailing address on website changing to: 130 Mountain Rd, Holyoke, MA 01040)

Meeting location for future meetings: Seren and Joyce make up the location search committee – they should make recommendations this summer for possible locations.

New member recruitment strategies: brainstorm at the July meeting. Set plans for 2019-2020 events. Also clarify what actions club members take when someone is interested in our club.

Club website: Lynn and Donna will work on the web site this summer.

Programs for 2019-2020: Brainstorm at July meeting.

Feminine product bill in MA proposed by Caroline Williams (student from  Medway) and local state rep,  It passed so public schools need to supply hygiene products. Caroline is attending UMass in the fall. Donna will see if she can find Caroline.

Centennial Project: We have collected boxes of club materials.  Material needs to be sorted before it is dropped off at the archives at Smith. Is there any information/club highlights to be published in the Gazette?

Meeting adjourned at 7 PM 

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