Earliest History: 1934-1976

Our Club has found a small booklet last year named “ZONTA International: The History of ZONTA CLUB of NORTHAMPTON” – three sections were written by a member to tell us about the Club that the years she was there; the information was about what members do, what their meetings are, what plans were, and more. There is also an entire list of members from February 1934 (when the Zonta Club of Northampton was created) all the way to 1976.

The text was really small and it would have been hard to read on my computer, so I have scanned each page of the booklet and fixed a number of things that the scanners weren’t quite right, e.g. “Zonta” is sometimes “lInta” and several “I”s showed up as “l”. Several letters were really close for the writer with her typewriter had to do 2 letters to be close to a single one, such as “,” & an upper “.” to become an “;”. There were a few words with 2 letters switch, such as “…tel” to “…tle”, that I switched back. I did not respell other words that are a little differently that what we spell now.

I have had a lot of fun doing all of this, especially since I was living in Northampton from 5th grade until the last year Smith College, and there were so many Zontians who were doing things in Northampton, especially at Smith College and several medical places. And what they were doing in during their meetings include an amazing list of what they do.

Hopefully most of our members, past-members and other Zontians would like to read the five sections below and see if some of things they did back then (but not now) that we might think about doing or using a number of them!

The sections below my name are for you to read the 5 sections by “clicking” the Zonta-red on the words withunderline“. 

Lynn Goodhue, Past President of Zonta Club of Northampton Area


Five Sections of the ZONTA International: The History of ZONTA CLUB of NORTHAMPTON