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“Hot Chocolate Run (or Walk) 2019”

Safe Passage tells us: “The Hot Chocolate Run is a community celebration of
what we do for the Hampshire County organization addressing domestic violence. Join us for a great time for a great cause!”

Most of us should sign up to run, walk, or volunteer really soon!!. Then, share your fundraising page with family and friends to create year-round support for survivors of domestic violence. Our club members have been doing this for many years, sometimes with other friends and other Zonta District 2 members too! If we don’t sign up in time, of if we can’t walk or run anymore, we might be able to help with Safe Passage’s Hot Chocolate event, before, during or even later!

Participants join us year after year to spend time with family and friends, run a challenging 5K course with serious competitors, enjoy hot chocolate, and most importantly, to support Safe Passage and our important programs for survivors of domestic violence.

Safe Passage is the Hampshire County organization addressing domestic violence. Since 1977, Safe Passage has helped thousands of families achieve safety, build justice, and rebuild their lives in the wake of domestic violence. You can learn more about Safe Passage and domestic violence on our website:

Our many donors and supporters are a critical part of our work. The funds raised help provide safe shelter, legal assistance, and critical counseling services for adults and kids who have lived with violence in their homes.

Your gift makes a difference:

    Support and hope for a survivor calling the 24-hour hotline
  • HOPE:
    A survivor’s first counseling session. The first time they’ve felt heard. The first time in years they’ve felt hopeful.
    Safe shelter for a family who has fled a violent home
    A month of counseling sessions for a child who’s witnessed or experienced violence

We couldn’t do it without our sponsors
For information about sponsoring, see our Sponsors page

IF YOU WANT to run, walk with us (or send some money for any one who how is already signed up), sign up at, and look for the “Search” (on the far right at the top, or down the page “Find an Existing team to join”), you can just say “Zonta” or “Zonta-Zoom“!
If you can’t be at the Hot Chocolate Run/Walk, but think it’s something good, you could send some money for any one who how is already signed up!

Safe Passage says:
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