Young Women in Public Affairs Award Program

2019 Young Women in Public Affairs Awards

Congratulations to Kande E. Charles who received the YWPA Award from  Berkshire Club’s by District 1!

Each one of the 32 Districts gave $1,500 to a YWPA woman who’s application was the best of the Club’s Recipients. Similarly, the International awarded $4,000 to 10 women for they decided were the best of all the International’s Recipients.

Below is the list of the 10 International Recipients, plus the list of the rest of District Recipients who had received awards from the rest of district recipients.

 NOTE: The 2020 YWPA Awards should be ready to see in August or September – early enough for having a number of young women who might want to have an award from our Zonta Club of Northampton Area. We will put than on our website as soon as it’s ready.